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Snout Soother 2oz Stick


Treat your dog to a healthy snout!

Snout Soother is a 100% natural balm composed of powerful plants and supple butter working in sync to treat, nourish, and protect your pup’s nose.

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Snout Soother nose balm is 100% naturally composed of robust plants and supple butter, working in sync to treat, nourish, and protect your pup’s nose.

Thanks to the natural protective properties present in this nose-nourishing balm, you can rest assured your pup’s snout is safe in the sun and the cold. In addition, natural SPF benefits add an extra barrier of safety for such a sensitive area for dogs.

This award-winning dog nose balm is a synergistic blend of organic, plant-based ingredients working together to treat, heal, and moisturize your pup’s sniffer!

Snout Soother nose balm is a scent-free, powerful plant-based balm that is just what the vet ordered. Time to treat your pup to the carefree, healthy life they deserve!

Snout Soother is ideal for healing, treating, and protecting against: 

  • Dry, Chapped Nose
  • Crusty & Cracked Nose
  • Natural Sunscreen
  • Hyperkeratosis
  • Windburn Prevention
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Dry Skin around the face, lips, and ears
  • Discoid Lupus
  • Brachycephalic Breeds



To start, we recommend applying the balm at least two to three times daily. Using the balm before bed is ideal due to the peak of healing and regeneration in dogs while they sleep.

First, clean up any excess dirt or debris evident around the affected area, then use two fingers or a low-absorbent cloth to gently apply a generous amount of Snout Soother to your dog’s nose.

Pro-pup tip:

Follow up every application with playtime. Then, either dab some Peanut Butter on the dog’s paw or LickiMat, to distract your pup from licking their nose.

This step will allow time for the carrier oils in Snout Soother to work their magic and deliver those healing nutrients deep into the skin.

Then reduce the frequency as your dog’s nose improves, using less often to maintain a beautiful, healthy snout.


What if my dog licks it off?

Snout Soother is 100% natural, safe and edible. Primary ingredients include nut oils and butter, which can be appealing to dogs, so they may attempt to lick it off. However, we advise using distractions such as treats or mealtime to allow more time for the product to work its magic!

Can Snout Soother be used on other animals?

Absolutely! Snout Soother can be used on all animals – even humans!

What is the difference between Snout Soother and coconut oil?

Virgin organic coconut oil is fantastic, which is why we include it in many of our formulas! However, coconut oil is a very light moisturizer and does not have the same healing power as Snout Soother. Nevertheless, we hear from many customers who don’t get results from only using coconut oil that they can finally heal their dog’s nose with Snout Soother.



All ingredients are organic, plant-based, and never compromised.

Some star players in Snout Soother include:

Kukui Nut Oil | Natural sun protectant and moisturizer to help penetrate oil deep into the skin
Grapeseed Oil | Healing polyphenols with super moisturizing properties
Coconut Oil | Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, & rich moisturizer source
Chamomile | Remarkable medicinal properties to heal wounds, soothe skin irritations, & ease discomfort
Hempseed Oil | Potent antioxidant with prostaglandin medicating & anti-inflammatory properties

Remaining essential ingredients: Shea Nut Butter, Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Natural Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract 


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