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Lamb Trotter

(9 customer reviews)


Hard density dog chews – 1 PCS
  • Single-ingredient
  • Gently air-dried
  • No preservatives
  • No additives or dyes
  • Made in small batches

28 in stock

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Lamb trotter consists mostly of skin, tendons, and cartilage. This rich protein hard density chew contains collagen, calcium, and minerals. It’s an excellent addition to a dog’s diet giving them essential nutrients for joint and bone health.

In addition, chewing on Lamb Trotter will keep your dog entertained, providing mental stimulation and strengthening jaws, neck, and shoulder muscles, as well as rubbing off tartar and improving gum’s health.

  • If your dog tends to try and gulp bones whole, hold one end of the cow foot while let your dog chew on the other end to ensure that your dog is forced to chew on it and won’t be able to swallow it whole.
  • Store it in the freezer between sessions.⁠
  • No by-products
  • No preservatives
  • No Additives or dyes

9 reviews for Lamb Trotter

  1. Jaime van der Weert (verified owner)

    I decided to try out Hakuna Matata treats for my dachshund, Mango, as she currently has her baby teeth falling out. I placed the order and lucky me they were actually delivering today! The moment I gave her the trotter (which was almost the same size as she is) she was obsessed. She is so focused on the treat – and I can tell her gum irritation is being relieved with her chewing this trotter! Amazing amazing! Thank you!

  2. Shuvra Sen Gupta (verified owner)

    We love to take this and sit peacefully savouring this in our spot while we see the world pass by…

  3. Amin Alkhatib (verified owner)

  4. Masa Almasri (verified owner)

  5. Abeer Anadani (verified owner)

    It makes them busy for long time 😍

  6. Akina Girard (verified owner)

  7. Abigail J. (verified owner)

    Lex absolutely loves his treats from HM. His face lights up as soon as he see’s the big brown bag come through the door. Fantastic service and always happy to help! Thank you 😊

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Pepper loves these and just 1 trotter kept her busy for 20 minutes+ on 3 occasions, re-freezing after each session

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    toothbrush 😂

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