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Beef Trachea

(10 customer reviews)


Medium-density dog chew – 2 PCS
  • Single-ingredient
  • Gently air-dried
  • No preservatives
  • No Additives or dyes
  • Made in small batches

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Beef Trachea, also known as Moo Tube or Bully tube, is one of the most popular natural dog chews for joint health. It comes from the windpipe of a cow, it’s a hollow, bone-free, and gland-free dog chew.

It’s naturally very high in glucosamine which has been proven effective in promoting healthy joints in dogs.

Highly digestible, rich in protein, and low in fat. And it’s great for oral health and helps remove plaque and tartar build-up while dogs use their molars to break down.

Hakuna Matata single-ingredient Beef Trachea chews are suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Like all of our dog treats, Trachea chews are completely natural, grain-free, made in small batches without artificial additives or preservatives, and gently air-dried to lock in all nutrients and flavor.


🟣 Storage Instruction: No need for a freezer or fridge, this item does just fine in a cool and dry place!

🟢 Serving Tips:

  • To make trachea a fun chew, try stuffing it, and freeze it overnight to make it last longer. Here’s a step-by-step video guide!
  • Split up the chews, especially if it’s your dog’s first time trying new food, or if the dog is a small breed.
  • You can cut the trachea into small pieces using a sharp knife.
  • Chewing can get messy, let your dog enjoy this stuffed chew out in the garden, or on an old towel. Or simply let him enjoy it in his crate to associate the crate with a happy experience.
  • If your dog tends to try and gulp their chews whole, hold on to one end of it while letting your dog chew on the other end to ensure that your dog is forced to chew on it, and won’t be able to swallow it whole.
  • Always supervise your dog while they chew.


If you are in search of other chews that promote healthy joints in dogs include Chicken Feet, Chicken Heads, and Duck Feet.


  • No by-products
  • No preservatives
  • No Additives or dyes


10 reviews for Beef Trachea

  1. Daril.S

    I didn’t even know I could have so many natural chews for my dog. He is crazy about the trachea, especially with all the stuffings I learned how to add from HMPETS Instagram videos and stories. I love that my dog’s treats and chews are made by people who share the same love and care

  2. Vanessa Blyth (verified owner)

    Baxter & Billie LOVE your chews and treats!! They get soo excited when the treats arrive! Thank you for your amazing chews and treats! 🐶🐶

  3. Peter Bresko (verified owner)

    Amazing treat, our dog isn’t smart so we need easy treats for her. These are amazing

  4. Dona Devina (verified owner)

    Beef trachea has to be the fastest and yummiest thing to chew on for Zayan.

  5. Masa Almasri (verified owner)

  6. Lucie Abry (verified owner)

    Super great enrichment chew when adding yoghurt, apples, kiwi and raspberries or blueberries then in the freezer. So yummy and healthy!

  7. Abeer Anadani (verified owner)

  8. Lucie A. (verified owner)

    Love this chew as we can eat it as it is or fill it with fruits and yoghurt or peanut butter and freeze it for extra fun!

  9. Sladjana Maric (verified owner)

  10. Zee

    peanuts favorite chews

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